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Raspbian Buster 64 bit

January 25, 2021 | Cluster

By default Raspbian currently only take advantage of 32 bit in the core and user land event thou it has an 64 bit CPU in the latest PPi 4. Depending of the purpose of your Raspberry Pi, you may want to take advantage of the 64 bit ARM architecture ( you may be developing some applications or maybe want to use it for container deployments), if you are not sure about if it is nessesary, don't do the following..

Run the following upgrade command:

sudo rpi-update

Read and confirm.

Edit the boot configuration..

sudo nano /boot/config.txt  

and add the following line:


(you can also boost the mhz from the default 700 to up about 1500 without CPU throtteling)

check the OS info:

    uname -a

    sudo reboot

and check the the OS info again.

uname -a


I'm a Sysadmin, network manager and cyber security entusiast. The main purpose of this public "notebook" is for referencing repetitive tasks, but it might as well come in handy to others. Windows can not be supported! But all other OS compliant with the POSIX-standard can (with minor adjustments) apply the configs on the site. It is Mac OSX, RHEL and all the Fedora based distros and Debian based (several 100's of OS's), all the BSD distros, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.