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How to backup

August 18, 2021 |

Backup is often a messy business, we are allways told to backup. But, what is a backup really and what is the purpose of the backup?

There are many aproaches to these questions, and how could you decide what the right aproach is for your circumstances?

Full backup

In th "old days" there used to be a... Read more

The goal of a sysadmin

January 13, 2021 |

Providing infrastructure, including IaC with high availabillity and single point of failure in consideration. Help developers containerize and deploy their code. Make sure the organisation is compliant with any legislation (as GDPR). Make use of, and implement encryption, where ever nessesary. Diversify, Segregate, Hash, Backup... Read more

Basic website security

January 12, 2021 |

Basically there are stuff that is "out of your control" (to some extend), and stuff that is easier to control.


I'm a Sysadmin, network manager and cyber security entusiast. The main purpose of this public "notebook" is for referencing repetitive tasks, but it might as well come in handy to others. Windows can not be supported! But all other OS compliant with the POSIX-standard can (with minor adjustments) apply the configs on the site. It is Mac OSX, RHEL and all the Fedora based distros and Debian based (several 100's of OS's), all the BSD distros, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.