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MicroK8s on Pi's - enabling Dashboard

March 4, 2021 | Cluster

Installation for MicroK8s can be found here:

Enable the dashboard:

microk8s enable dashboard

Check that the plugin is installed

kubectl get all --all-namespaces

Make the Dashboard available on the network.

kubectl -n kube-system edit service kubernetes-dashboard

and change

type: ClusterIP
type: NodePort

enable rbac:

microk8s enable rbac

Get usertoken from the bottom of config

microk8s config

Copy it and get the external port on the dashboard

kubectl --namespace=kube-system get service kubernetes-dashboard

and access the master IP:port and use the token.


I'm a Sysadmin, network manager and cyber security entusiast. The main purpose of this public "notebook" is for referencing repetitive tasks, but it might as well come in handy to others. Windows can not be supported! But all other OS compliant with the POSIX-standard can (with minor adjustments) apply the configs on the site. It is Mac OSX, RHEL and all the Fedora based distros and Debian based (several 100's of OS's), all the BSD distros, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.